[FX.php List] Problems with new version.

Gjermund Gusland Thorsen ggt667 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 02:36:10 MDT 2004

Are you aware that FMP7 does not work with FX.php?

FM7SA is required as the functionality formerly known as unlimited now
is moved to the FM7SA.


On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 21:53:36 -0400, Steve Suranie <steve at knowink.net> wrote:
> I downloaded the newest version the other day and for some reason it
> doesn't seem to be talking with FMP. I have FMP 7.0 and FMP 6.0, Mac OS
> X 10.3.4. Not sure of the version of Apache, if that matters or PHP
> -PHP is 4. x. Anyway, if I use an older version of FX it works fine,
> when I use the newer version I get no response, doing a ['foundCount']
> check doesn't even give me a 0, just a blank page. Is there something
> different I should be doing with the new version?
> Any help would be appreciated.
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