[FX.php List] LinkNext issue

Ben Rollins ben at eldertreks.com
Tue Oct 5 13:05:21 MDT 2004

"FX.php Discussion List" <fx.php_list at mail.iviking.org> writes:
>Hi Ben,
>Those numbers (Submit_x=98&Submit_y=17&) are mouse coordinates for a
>click, and indicate that you're using a graphic image for your submit
>button. They're normal. 

Hmmm...I thought something like that. Well, they would be normal, except
I'm using text (the word "Next") to submit the link. Odder and odder.

>I'm still not confident enough with FX and PHP to
>answer your second question though.

And neither am I ;-)

Nice to see another Aussie on the list, though....


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