[FX.php List] LinkNext issue

Ben Rollins ben at eldertreks.com
Mon Oct 4 11:09:05 MDT 2004


I'm working on moving a travel site from CDML to FX.php, and I'm running
into an issue with LinkNext.

The search works fine, and the foundcount and groupsize show up.

On Chris's advice to Kevin Futter, I added this code:

if (isset($_GET['skip']) && $_GET['skip'] > 0) {

And the linkNext code looks like:

echo "<a href=\"" . $tour_list['linkNext'] . "\">Next</a>";


And the link I get echoes the search terms accurately ie:


(Searching for tours in Fall 2004 that our content manager has marked


a) I get this stuff at the end of the link: Submit_x=98&Submit_y=17&

What is that?

b) More importantly, I get a Displaying trips 1 through 0  of 0 found (the
found count in FMPro remains unchanged).

Does anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Ben Rollins
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Toronto, Canada
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