[FX.php List] FMFind with multiple requests

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Sun Nov 21 21:12:34 MST 2004

Well, I thought  the '-lop' (logical operator) might work...

$addedQuery->AddDBParam ('po', '8505');
$addedQuery->AddDBParam ('-lop', 'and');
$addedQuery->AddDBParam ('po', '8506');

it did not, but this did...

$addedQuery->AddDBParam ('po', '8505...8506');

this will return both records.

you can of course build that string dynamically, but it may not be what 
you're looking for.

On Nov 21, 2004, at 12:21 AM, Vinnie P. Taranto wrote:

> I was wondering if there was an equivalent fx.php method to adding a 
> request in filemaker for a find. I'm trying to keep track of the new 
> records a user creates during a session.
> I've tried calling AddDBParam twice with the same field but that 
> doesn't seem to work.
> $addedQuery->AddDBParam('-recid', '44564');
> $addedQuery->AddDBParam('-recid', '44565');
> I could just do a greater than date and time created of the first 
> record but i was wondering if there was another way. Thanks
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