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Tue Nov 16 20:49:34 MST 2004


Greetings.  You were kind enough to help me out with a PHP/FileMaker 
problem several months back (concerning portals and 'foreach' to cycle 
through some records).

I have since developed several small solutions for projects I've worked 
on in the last 6 months.  I think you'd be pleased.  I have since ben 
preaching FX.php and the ease of use, etc.

Your name has also come up in conversations with Chris Moyer, and 
Andrew LeCates to name a few.  You have a great following...

So, I've finally installed Server Advanced, and while looking in forums 
and lists, I see plenty of questions, but few answers.  I started out 
not changing anything, and worked my way forward.  I didn't get very 
far and am having several problems.

1.  The few forms I do get to work, the data is entered twice.  I've 
seen several mentions, but no fix or work around.
2.  I get these errors every-time I post:

Notice: Object to string conversion in 
/Library/WebServer/web/ycamp/inc/FX.php on line 888

Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in 
/Library/WebServer/web/ycamp/information7.php on line 15

Warning: current(): Passed variable is not an array or object in 
/Library/WebServer/web/ycamp/information7.php on line 15

NOTE: FMNew() was the function.  Changing parameters and FMFind() did 
not cause the problem.

All works perfectly in FMPro 6.  If you need exact code samples, let me 

	include ("inc/FX.php");			// version: 01 Aug 2004
	include ("inc/FX.pref.php");
	$db = "webcamper";				// FileMaker database
	$lay = "web";					// FileMaker layout

	$query = new FX($ip, $port);

	$result = $query->FMFind();
	$data = current($result['data']);

Any help would be appreciated.

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