[FX.php List] FX.php & File uploads

Dale Bengston dbengston at preservationstudio.com
Mon Nov 15 14:00:43 MST 2004

Hi Dennis,

Personally, I would not store an uploaded document in a container 
field. It's too easy to set up an external storage directory (external 
to the database, that is) and let PHP (not FX, but just plain-old PHP) 
handle the upload/move to secure location part while FileMaker keeps 
track of the path. The final location of the documents can even be a 
different server - perhaps a controlled-bandwidth FTP site.

Storing files in container fields also leads to database bloat. While 
this is less of an issue with FM7, I still wouldn't do it.

These are my personal preferences. Others out there may have a 
different approach.

Hope this helps,
Dale Bengston | Streamline Studio, LLC | dbengston at streamline-studio.com
Associate Member, FileMaker Solutions Alliance

On Nov 15, 2004, at 2:49 PM, Dennis Crall wrote:

> I'm in the planning phase for a project, which will utilize FX.php and 
> FM7
> to create a case repository. The cases are in the form of a Word 
> document,
> and I'm trying to decide where they should be stored (file system or
> database).
> Can someone give me a quick idea about what functionality FX and FMP 
> offer
> in regards to uploading a file through a form and placing it in a 
> container
> field?
> Any help is appreciated. Thank you,
> Dennis Crall
> ITS-Academic Technologies
> University of Iowa
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