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Michael Layne fx at 9degrees.com
Tue Dec 28 13:45:49 MST 2004


I had a problem adding a 'AddSortParam' to my query.  In  
troubleshooting, I discovered that this parameter was my problem, so  
looking at my URL I got: 

errorCode = 5

upon looking at how the IWP in FM7 worked, I compared strings: 

errorCode = 0

Notice a difference?  Upon comparing the FX.php files in Chris' latest  
example, this was the only difference:

     var $dataServerType = 'FMPro7';

This I had copied form another example:
     var $dataServerType = 'fmpro7';

once I matched the case EXACTLY, my sort parameter was accepted.

Hope this helps someone,

Michael Layne
9 degrees development
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