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Jane Chinn Jane.Chinn at cwu.EDU
Tue Dec 7 11:03:43 MST 2004

Hi Everyone,

I have Filemaker Server 7 Advanced, Server 7 and Developer 7 on a Mac 
with OS 10.3.  I have everything set up and enabled.  I am wondering if 
someone could tell me the correct path for the sample database I am 
working with.  I have purchase FX.php in 8 hours. There is a tutorial 
with sample files but it seems to address the location of files when 
using the web companion not FM Server 7.  The sample is a page to find 
all the records in the database

With Server 7 you put the databases in the location:

/Library/Filemaker Server 7/ Data/contacts.fp7

With that what is the correct location to reference for the instance.  
The book's  example shows

$instanceName->setDBData('contacts.fp5' , 'main');

I updated to database to contacts.fp7

Also I am wondering about how to create an instance as well.  There old 
example in this book has not been updated for FM 7 and shows:

$instanceName=new FX($serverIP, $portNumber);

which I referenced in the server_data.php file as

$serverIP = '';
$portNumber = '80';

At any rate I don't seem to be getting it to find any of the expected 

Do you have any suggestions why this might be.  All of my files are at 
the following URL:


The error I receive on the reply page is:

Found count: -1
  Error Code: No Action Taken
  First Name

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