[FX.php List] Script executes, but hangs web page

Tim 'Webko' Booth tim at nicheit.com.au
Mon Nov 1 16:28:37 MDT 2010

Dear Bradley,
> Thank you for your email response.
> I agree completely, that's why this script is available only to  
> admins of the system reviewing user delete requests.
> The script doesn't use a global field/variable. I only call it to  
> delete the found record set. The way the Web page acts, it doesn't  
> seem to return any response that the script has completed it's run.
> I posted my question to the FileMaker forums. Let's see if I get a  
> hit there on possible problems to look for.

Please also remember that every time a web request is made, it is as  
if the user has just logged in, run that one request and logged out -  
I would be especially careful of Scripts if you could have more than  
one web user, as you cannot tell what the 'Found Set' may be - it is  
possible for WebUser1 to run the find, WebUser2 to also run a find,  
and then have the script triggered by WebUser1, which may have  
unintended consequences...

Personally, I have yet to find a reason that I need to run a FileMaker  
script from the web - I'm not saying that there aren't times that may  
be the approach, but I just have never needed to.

In this instance [1] I would probably store the -recid in an array and  
then run a loop to use FMDelete to remove them.


[1] Although I'm probably the person Jon is thinking of - I won't ever  
allow a delete via the web anymore. Every system I've ever built with  
this function inevitably has a user get back to me a short time later  
after they managed to accidentally delete something important... I  
flag them, and then do clean up directly through FileMaker every now  
and again.

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