[FX.php List] XML login failing

Joel Shapiro jsfmp at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 19 11:51:34 MST 2008

Hey Steve

Just taking stabs...

Is the 'web' account set to Active in FMP?

Is the 'web' account set to the correct privilege set with fmxml  
extended privileges?

If you're using some form of file separation in FMP (data & web), are  
the above set in all relevant files?

Can you connect to the problem file in FMP client?

Can you try adding the fmapp extended priv. to the 'web' account  
priv. set and then try connecting in FMP using that 'web' acct?



On Dec 18, 2008, at 3:11 PM, Steve Winter wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've got a really weird situation that I've never seen before, and  
> which I can't seem to resolve...
> We've just set up a new FMSA 9 server, uploaded a number of  
> databases, and some code from an existing server. Some of the  
> databases will play happily, but two of them simply won't... If I  
> turn on debug, then I get links generated as I would expect... on  
> one page I have three db calls, two to one database which fail, one  
> to a different db which is fine...
> When I click on the debug links for the two calls to the db that  
> fail I get prompted to login, which I try to do, using the  
> credentials for the db, but it just fails... with the link that  
> does work, I don't get prompted for the username and password, I  
> just get the XMl data as I would expect...
> I tried turning off the XML permission for the files that are a  
> problem, and when I do that I correctly get an 802 error back...  
> turn XML interface back on, I get an FX error...!!!
> The weirdest thing is that I have the exact same dbs running on a  
> different installation, which is fine...
> This is the latest updates of FMSA 9 on Win 2k3, IIS...
> Anyone seen this before or got any ideas... this is really doing my  
> head in...!!
> Thanks
> Steve
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