[FX.php List] Problem displaying image in Container

Sam Laundon sam at smilepix.com
Wed Dec 10 12:57:03 MST 2008

My apologies if this has been posted twice.

I had the problem solved years ago when hosting the FileMaker on my  
own computer, but not it has reared it's ugly head again.
The following has worked for years:

$Thumb ="../FX/image_proxy.php?FXimage=".vignereEncryptURL($resultData 
and in the body:
<img src="<?php echo $Thumb?>">

Now I want to have a remote host of FileMaker. The above code works  
fine when the php files are hosted on the same server as the  
FileMaker Database. The thumbnail displays.

In this new solution the FileMaker Server is at one IP address and  
the php web pages are at another IP address. In this configuration I  
can access all the fields in a record fine except for the container  
field which shows the broken icon.

Is what I am trying to do possible? Does something need to be changed  
in the image_proxy.php file?

Thanks in advance - Sam
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