[FX.php List] OT: US window envelopes, window position on US letter paper

Ben Bradley ben at batfastad.com
Wed Dec 10 04:49:35 MST 2008

Hi everyone

I've got a quick request.
I'm in the UK and putting the final touches on a PHP/FX invoicing system.
However I'd like our US remote workers to be able to download the PDF
invoices in US letter format. Not a problem, since I'm using TCPDF which has
paper sizes built-in.

But I wonder if any of you US-based folks could possibly do me a favour /
favor! ;) and measure the size of the window on standard US window
Whatever the standard size is for you guys when posting letters, the type of
envelope where you fold up a US-letter sheet into 3 horizontally.
Is that a #10 envelope?

In Europe our equivalent for A4 paper is a DL envelope. Just wondering what
the standard/most used window envelopes are in the US

Also could someone measure where the position of the window appears on a
folded US letter bit of paper?
Just want to get it so the addresses are positioned properly on US letter

Thanks, B
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