[FX.php List] Spaces in Field Names...one more time with gusto

Jonathan Schwartz jschwartz at exit445.com
Tue Dec 9 16:58:47 MST 2008

Hold on...I'm trying to digest this.


At 3:13 PM -0800 12/9/08, Troy Meyers wrote:
>Yes, if this is a self-generating form, then the naming of the input 
>fields should deal spaces and other characters in a predictable way, 
>that can be deciphered on the PHP page that receives the POST data.
>The thing that I think is the problem is that the FileMaker field 
>names must be exactly as they are in the database. If the form's 
>input field becomes name="Alpha_Beta" then the PHP that generates 
>the AddDBParam() instances must have the FileMaker field name as 
>'Alpha Beta' since that's really what it is in FileMaker. This can 
>either be done by looping through the $_POST array or by rote 
>My point is that the encoding or altering of the name of the <input 
>/> is what's needed, NOT the FileMaker field name, neither in the 
>database nor the field name specification in the AddDBParam() 
>Maybe I'm wrong, but Jonathan, aren't you changing it there?
>If the FileMaker field names are being recreated from the POST data 
>on the fly, then they must be DEcoded as appropriate to how they 
>were ENcoded on the page the generates the original form.
>>  I'll point out that this is probably a heck of a lot of rote code to 
>>  write for what appears to be a generic engine for anyone's database. 
>>  Then again, doing this means that there must be some kind of 'special 
>>  character' management for all FMP field names. As another pointed out, 
>>  spaces won't be the only problem. I'd start with the previously 
>>  recommended urlencode() function, and go from there.
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