[FX.php List] Spaces in Field Names...one more time with gusto

Jonathan Schwartz jschwartz at exit445.com
Tue Dec 9 09:38:20 MST 2008

Hi Folks,

I still haven't 100% licked the spaces-in-field-names issue yet.  Now 
I realize why, and I'm just looking for a sanity check.

It appears that spaces in file names produces different behavior 
depending whether the FMP query is a FIND parameter versus a SORT 

It boils down to this:

FMP Field Definition:		Alpha Beta
Alpha Beta Field Value:	John Smith
Browser POST:		Alpha_Beta (Apache Server replaces space with 
FMP FIND URL:		Alpha+Beta (FX (?) replaces space with "+" in URL)
FMP SORT FIELD URL:	Alpha%20Beta  (FX (?) replaces space with "%20" in URL)

Here's an actual URL that shows the existence of both methods in the same URL:


The html form displays the field name with the space.
Apache POST  replaces the space with an underline.
FX/PHP replaces the space in a FIELD NAMEwith a "+"
FX/PHP replaces the space in a SORT NAMEwith a "%20"


If this is correct, then a single remedy won't work.  A different 
remedy has to be applied to SEARCH fields versus SORT fields.

I did get suggestions last time I posted this problem, but each time 
I applied the remedy, it broke the other half. Now I see why.

Before I move forward....any comments?


Jonathan Schwartz
Exit 445 Group
jonathan at exit445.com

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