[FX.php List] A better way of making a Conditional Value List ?

Derrick Fogle derrick at fogles.net
Fri Dec 5 14:21:51 MST 2008

As for speed issues...

I've got a 100-record primary list with an average of about 5-6 sub- 
list items coming out of Filemaker for a total of about 550 sub-list  
items. The sub-list items come from a portal on the layout of the  
primary list layout, so there's only a single find and PHP handles  
putting the sub-select portal records into the Javascript array.  
Coming from FM Server 7 Advanced running on old, slow hardware (Dual  
G4 533MHz, 512Mb RAM, stock [slow] HD, OS 10.4.11), the find and array  
load overhead is about 4 seconds.

Of course if it were data from MySQL, the list would just *be there*,  
no waiting, but... 4 seconds is tolerable for this task.

On Dec 5, 2008, at 3:02 PM, David Ness wrote:

> Only if the array would be too large or slow to load would you then  
> take
> it to the next level: using AJAX to retrieve the subset of array  
> values
> once you know the value in popup1.


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