[FX.php List] A better way of making a Conditional Value List ?

william.downs william.downs at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 11:55:09 MST 2008

Hi There FX.php ers,

This may end up off-list - which if so then please excuse me.

I mocked up a conditional value list in FX.php - but it really looks  
very bad.

Basically, after selecting a value from Value List 1, I need a Submit  
button to post the form and populate the values for Value List 2.  
Terrible I know - in fact utterly atrocious !

The possible values for Value List 2 are simply too many to pick up  
the first time.

There is of course a Value List 3, dependent on Value List 2 - which  
would need a second Submit button - (taking the michy really)

Can someone show me the better way - I am already assuming that the  
answer will have something to do with Javascript / Ajax (via an  
Onchange event) - but I can live in hope that I am wrong.

Kindest Regards


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