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Another possible problem... you used a different field name for Last 
Name on your form:

stunum<input type='text' name='stunum' value=''><br>
firstname<input type='text' name='firstname' value=''><br>
surname<input type='text' name='surname' value=''><br>

<input type='submit' name='submit' value='Submit'>

Using the tools I provided, starting with Debug, would show you that 
these fields were not properly displayed in the query.


At 9:21 AM -0500 9/1/06, Dale Bengston wrote:
>One thing I noticed... you are setting variables called $first and 
>$last from $_POST, but referring to them in your FX query as 
>$firstname and $lastname.
>On Sep 1, 2006, at 5:02 AM, gary redmond wrote:
>>Ok I have created a form on a age called test.php
>>and then have it set to post to the file addstudent.php (code below) but
>>it's still not adding the student to the db.
>>$register=new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort,'');
>>echo $registerResult['errorCode'];
>>foreach($registerResult['data'] as $key=>$registerData);
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>>Date: Friday, September 1, 2006 0:24 am
>>Subject: Re: [FX.php List] error help
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>>>On 1/9/06 12:50 AM, "DC" <dan.cynosure at dbmscan.com> wrote:
>>>>looks like there is still a bunch of blank space... did you use the
>>>>bbedit trick or do it by hand and replace with real return
>>>>you have to tediously remove every single itty bitty space character
>>>>including the ones in between code pieces like equals signs and all
>>>>the spaces after semicolons and in the html if you copy pasted that.
>>>>it's really tedious. so if you don't have an automated way of doing
>>>>it you've got to be really precise and thorough.
>>>>also, the same goes for the included files.
>>>>this probably isn't part of your issue, but, i noticed that you are
>>>>using single quotes in HTML attributes. i'm pretty sure that double
>>>>quotes are required by one standard or other. i recall reading that
>>>>with regards to XHTML or something. sorry i can't be more
>>>specific -
>>>>maybe someone else on the list has more detail on why double quotes
>>>>are better for HTML attributes.
>>>Yes, double quotation marks are indeed required by all versions of
>>>the XHTML
>>>spec. They are of course optional for single character attribute
>>>values in
>>>all versions of the HTML spec, but good practice nonetheless. Multiple
>>>character attribute values still require quoting with double-quotes
>>>in HTML
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