[FX.php List] FX on FM 8 Server Advanced

mary beth hewa meh4q at virginia.edu
Mon Nov 6 13:02:03 MST 2006

All -  I am hoping you can point me in the right direction on an  
issue we are having with our FX.php pages on our FM 8 Server Advanced  
platform. We are running FM Pro Server Advanced 8 with the Web  
Publishing Engine on the same machine -  G5 Xserve running 10.4.7  
Server with Apache and PHP. The server has a GB of RAM.

The pages work but VERY slowly. I have made settings changes with the  
FM Cache but that doesn't seem to remedy the situation. We moved the  
PHP pages to a different Apache server to see if it was a web server  
issue. Still very slow on a different web server so I don't think it  
is an Apache issue.

After I made the cache change in FM Pro (from 224 to 100), the  
integration was quicker but it slowed down again after a few hits.

Here is a test page :
if you select an organization and leave the password blank, you can  
The speed issue is not only at login but also when you try to add a  
new contact or add a new placement.

Do you have any ideas about why this is so slow? We did not  
experience this problem before we upgraded to FM Server 8 Advanced  
(from FM Server 7 Advanced).

many thanks for any advice you can offer.

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