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Allyson Olm allyson at fmwebschool.com
Tue Feb 7 21:13:15 MST 2006

Hi Abhishek,

It looks like the FileMaker 5 files were compressed within the other files.
I changed it in our version and re-uploaded the file.  You can also download
the files from iviking.org, however I just checked and the files there
contain the same doubly compressed files.  

You can either try decompressing the individual databases or downloading
another copy.

In kindness,
Allyson Olm

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Dear Sir,

I'm new to this Discussion List. I downloaded FX.php from
http://www.fmwebschool.com/fx.zip and unzipped the folder. When I
click on the FX\Databases\Book_List.fp5 file, FileMaker Pro 5.5v1
gives me the following error (screenshot attached):

"Book_List" was not created by FileMaker or is severely damaged and
cannot be opened."

I get similar errors when I click on the other unzipped files and try
to open them with FileMaker Pro.

Please advise. Thanks.

Abhishek Duggal

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