[FX.php List] Looking for the person who helped me set up a FX.PHP database a year ago

Lynn at turnkeydesign.net Lynn at turnkeydesign.net
Tue Feb 7 15:24:03 MST 2006

Hello all,

There was someone on the list that helped me about a year ago with an 
FX.php project.

I am ashamed to admit that I can't find his name or phone number! Ugh. I 
am horrible with names - it isn't that you aren't important - I'm just 
hopeless on names.   I'm sure you know who you are. Could you please 
email me?

I have a new project to quote that might be better as a joint effort. 
Will be quoting it tomorrow and calling the client on Thursday with 

Thank you!!

Lynn Loeffel
Turn Key Design
email: Lynn at turnkeydesign.net

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