[FX.php List] re: malloc errror from fx.php with PHP5 on Mac OS X Server

David Milley MILLEY at email.chop.edu
Thu Feb 2 07:36:57 MST 2006

Steve, thanks for the corroboration. You wrote:
> so I decided that it was a problem with the Marc Liyange build
(probably a conflict with one one of the modules he has loaded with

I'm inclined to think it's either that or an OS X server feature --
likely an unfortunate conjoining.  For me, running the same app in a
duplicated environment using OS X 10.3.9 rather than OS X Server 10.3.9
produces no fault.

I've tracked through the code and found two items that seem
significant.  First, in other code, calls to $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']
seem to return nothing. Also, since the FMFind function throws the error
in this app, I tracked through fx.php, and found that the segmentation
fault occurs whenever calls involving cURL throw the same fault.  The
commented code provides this information: ""cURL could not retrieve Post
data in RetrieveFMData(). A bad URL is the most likely reason."

So, I'm guessing that in some sense the installation of PHP 5 on the
Server box doesn't know where it is. Maybe it's the installation of
libcurl ...

Since this isn't fx.php-specific (although the well-commented fx.php
code has proven useful as a stable debugging tool -- a whole new way to
market the product, I'll wager (grin)), I'll take this over to the
PHP/Mac/Marc Liyanage universe.  Guess I'm probably facing a PHP
reinstall by hand.

Glad to hear, though, that I'm not the only one to experience something
like this, and if anyone here can pinpoint the answer, I'll be most
grateful -- and if/when I get this resolved, I'll follow up here. 

David Milley, Web Technical Developer
Stokes Research Institute, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
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