[FX.php List] Disallowing access thru modifying url?

Derrick Fogle derrick at fogles.net
Wed Apr 26 11:43:26 MDT 2006

Correct. If you can see the name=value pairs in the URL, that's a GET  
method of transmitting data to the server. GET is limited to some  
arbitrary length - usually 256 or 1024 characters - in the URL  
string. Forms don't have strict length limits, just practical ones  
(try posting multi-megabytes to the server and enjoy the timeouts).  
Forms can also use the GET method, but why?

<form name="blah" id="blah" action="page.php" method="POST"> is the  
standard use for forms.

You can also combine them by putting "page.php? 
name=value&name2=value2" in the form action.

On Apr 26, 2006, at 12:25 PM, Joel Shapiro wrote:

> You all mention using GET requests (or "params" [short for  
> 'parameters'?]).  I don't explicitly use "GET" anywhere.  Is GET  
> just the term/concept for whenever the submission is contained in a  
> URL -- as opposed to within a Form, where the submission criteria  
> are not shown in the URL?

Derrick Fogle
derrick at fogles.net

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