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Andrew Denman adenman at tmea.org
Tue Apr 25 09:16:53 MDT 2006

I have just done a lot of study on checkboxes that I was going to post to
the list, and apparently multi-select boxes work the same way.


Until I finish my complete write-up, here's the quick version: for
multi-selectable checkboxes and multi-select lists processed using PHP, you
need to add [] to the 'name' element.  (ie: name="CopyTo[]")  This will tell
PHP there are possible multiple values and it will create an array in the
$_POST/$_GET/$_REQUEST variable for that field.


Andrew Denman


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I have a form that allows for the selection of multiple items from a list.
Upon reviewing the entries in the database I see that I am only getting the
first item selected. Further reviewing the POST value for the field in
question I see that only one value was received. Is there something missing,
do I need to do something special to send and post multiple selection?

Here is the form field for the value list posting.

<select name="CopyTo" size="3" multiple>
<option value=""></option>
foreach ($searchUserResult['data'] as $key => $searchUserData){
echo '"<option

Best Regards

Gerry Charest
Agfa Corporation

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