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Steve Hannah shannah at sfu.ca
Mon Apr 24 11:56:25 MDT 2006

In general it is good practice to only use POST requests when records  
will be modified by the request.  Otherwise GET requests should be  
used.  To avoid the case where a POST request is used to return a  
result set, I will generally always use GET requests to display  
information, and have scripts that use POST to modify information  
simply forward (i.e. header('Location: /path/to/results.php') ) to  
the GET request to show the results.  With this approach, repost  
becomes a non-issue.

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Steve Hannah
On 24-Apr-06, at 10:45 AM, gerry.charest at agfa.com wrote:

> I'm in the process of designing a site with PHP, FX and FMP. I  
> recall in the days of CDML you could have repost issues (duplicate  
> records) when a user pressed the back or refresh button. Are there  
> similar issues with PHP and FX? Is there a standardized method to  
> avoid repost if the user refreshes page that would create a record?
> Gerry Charest
> Agfa Corporation
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