Re(2): [FX.php List] FMSA8 & FX.php - new install won't connect

Brian Gray brian at
Mon Apr 24 09:46:34 MDT 2006

Andrew -   

Thanks for the ideas on things to check.
>>> It sounds like there could be a problem with the way IIS authentication is
>>> set up on your Win03 server.  Do you have the authentication settings set as
>>> mentioned on page 14 of this documentation?

Settings are as described in that document.  If I point my browser to the root of the IIS web 
site, I do see the content of index.htm without a request for confirmation.  (That makes me 
think that the IIS authentication is set correctly, but I'm not sure.)

>>> There could also be connection issues between the two computers.  I don't
>>> know your setup, but a firewall setting somewhere could be blocking the
>>> traffic.  Make sure you can access the Win03 server from the Red Hat server
>>> (using the URL that the debug page gave you).

There is no firewall between the two servers.  Connectivity is OK between them.
When I click on the debug URL and OK the confirmation screen, I am show the correct

Any other ideas?  I'm running out of four-letter words....


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