[FX.php List] Using an image in a container

Laura Long laural at ultimate-products.com
Thu Apr 20 12:39:06 MDT 2006

I ran the "echo_new_key.php" file in the fx folder and got my encrypted
key.  I copied and pasted that into the image_proxy.php file.
In my actual php page I have the following code:
$logo=new FX($serverIP,$webCompanionPort,'FMPro7');
foreach($logoResult['data'] as $key=>$logoData){
word}&FXimage=" . vignereEncryptURL($logoResult);

echo "<img src=\"" . $clientLogo."\">";
echo $logo;
The graphic comes up as a red X (no image found), and the view source
gives me the following:
 <p align="center"><img
id #2</p>
I put the echo $logo; statement in just to see what it would print, that
is where the Object id#2 is coming from.  Anyway, my question is, does
anyone know if I missed something?  I did not set a value to FXuser or
FXpass, do I need to, and if so, what would go there?  
Any insight or help to get my images in the container field to render
would be much appreciated - oh, and just to avoid the obvious, I would
prefer to not use a path to the image in this case, I would like to have
the image render directly from the container field - thanks again  :)

Laura Long
Database/Web Designer
Workplace Options, Inc.
(919) 834-6506
 <http://www.workplaceoptions.com/> http://www.workplaceoptions.com

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Is it possible to use a related field in a query? If so what is the
proper syntax for the related field?

Gerry Charest
Agfa Corporation

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