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DC dan.cynosure at dbmscan.com
Thu Apr 13 10:18:25 MDT 2006


have you even tried to write some php code to convert this?

why don't you give it a try and then post any questions you have.

the main thing in your href URL is the use of tokens. usually you can 
replace tokens with GET, POST, or SESSION variables.

wouldn't it be wonderful to have a CDML to FX converter in the guise of 
a listserv?


Thomas Myers had written:
> Can someone give me an equivilent in fx.php for this old cdml:
> <A onmouseover="changeImages( 
> /*CMP*/'AdminL',/*URL*/'Images/AdminC.gif');return true" 
> onmouseout="changeImages( 
> /*CMP*/'AdminL',/*URL*/'Images/AdminL.gif');return true" 
> HREF="FMPro?-db=Users&-Lay=WebLayout&-Format=AdminFrame.php&User=[FMP-Field: 
> User]&-Script=UpdateDate&-Token.1=[FMP-CurrentToken: 
> 1]&-Token.3=[FMP-CurrentToken: 3]&-Find" target="_top"><img 
> src="Images/AdminL.gif" name="AdminL" width=86 height=31 border=0 
> align=bottom></A>
> This is found in a web page that has a bunch of graphic tabs, this is 
> the code that is executed when you click the tab.
> Thanks
> Tom
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