[FX.php List] installation and testing

chris thacker cthacker at cls.ucsf.edu
Wed Apr 5 17:46:25 MDT 2006

I'm new to fx.php.   I've used mysql and postgres.

I'm trying to install FX and use the demo databases on one OS X box  
running 10.4.6.  (my personal desktop mac)
I've read the instructions and perused the archives for this list and  
haven't had any success.

I've copied the FX folder to /Library/Webserver/Documents/

When I load   http://myipaddress/fx/   I get an error:

iViking FX -- Book List Demo Page

FX_Error Object
     [error_message_prefix] =>
     [mode] => 1
     [level] => 1024
     [code] => 100
     [message] => FX: ExecuteQuery XML error: Mismatched tag at line 3
     [userinfo] =>
     [backtrace] => Array
             [0] => Array
                     [file] => /Library/WebServer/Documents/FX/FX.php
                     [line] => 1362
                     [function] => FX_Error
                     [class] => FX_Error
                     [object] => FX_Error Object
                     [type] => ->
                     [args] => Array
                             [0] => ExecuteQuery XML error:  
Mismatched tag at line 3
...[edited out]...


loading any other page within the FX folder returns a blank page.   
(maybe it's supposed to, i don't know)

I changed server_data.php to have my ip address (and even tried  
'localhost') and the port 8080, which filemaker pro is set up to  
use.   I've tried both filemaker 6 and 7... though not Unlimited...  
maybe that's required?

Is there anything else I'm missing?   Is there a newer install guide  
for dummies?


Chris Thacker
Campus Life Services - Information Systems
University of California at San Francisco
[help desk]   415 502-5511
[direct line]  415 514-3373

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