[FX.php List] Unstored Calculations

Andrew Denman adenman at tmea.org
Mon Apr 3 23:03:04 MDT 2006

Are you using FileMaker 7?

I ran into a similar sounding problem before we upgraded to FM8.  In
Define>Accounts and Privileges under the 'Custom Privileges...' for Records,
if the [Any New Table] 'View' permissions are set to 'No' then my
relationships wouldn't work outside the FM client.  Unfortunately, I don't
believe this was fixed in FM7 - just in FM8.

If this isn't your scenario, I suggest poking around the permissions on the
files... I've inadvertently set up restrictions that prevented some
calculations from working on the web before.  It's now one of the first
places I check when things aren't working as expected.

Andrew Denman

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Hi List,

I have a problem with unstored calculations not shown
on the web.  I have a portal that has several fields
from a relationship.  All the data from the other
fields show with no problem, but the unstored
calculation does not.  I used fxparser to view the
data.  Everything shows fine accept for the unstored

Any idea of how to make this data available or how to
overcome this type of issue?


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