[FX.php List] Displaying existing data in Form for radio/check boxes (Resend)

Jonathan Schwartz jonathan at eschwartz.com
Thu Sep 22 16:16:43 MDT 2005

First of all....a big thank you to the folks who have helped me get 
over the initial hurdle of learning this new set of tools for web 
publishing with FMP.  I've graduated from the point of having *no 
idea* what was going on, to being able to now study and learn from 
general PHP resources and apply that knowledge.  Thanks again.

My current challenge is to offer up radio buttons (or value list) on 
a form, and have the existing value from FMP display to the end user.

Can someone show me the syntax for displaying a radio button in EDIT 
mode in a form, pre-populated with a one of three choices....YES NO 
MAYBE....that already exists in FMP.

I have tried if statements, and it got real ugly, real quick.




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