[FX.php List] Passing Data 101...Again.

Jonathan Schwartz jonathan at eschwartz.com
Thu Sep 15 23:59:24 MDT 2005

Drat!  I'm still getting stuck on newb stuff.

I've been wrestling with perhaps the easiest thing to do....but I 
just haven't had that "V-8 moment" yet.  Could use some help.

I have a simple set of php files, consisting of...
Logon - Detail - Edit - Edit Response - End

In short, users will logon (Logon.php) on using username and password 
which will match them with a single record.  They will review the 
record (Detail.php), edit that record (Edit.php) and then see a 
confirmation of the current record and changes (Edit Response). 
Finally, they reach the Thank You (end.php) screen.

No big whoop.

Except...getting to the desired record in Detail.php.  Currently, the 
system arrives at the same record each time...the 50th record...and 
not the one that matches the username and password. Once arrived at 
the Detail record...assuming that the 50th record is the one I want 
to review and edit, *which it isn't*...the system behaves as desired 
through the rest of the screens.  It uses recid to identify the 

So...exactly waht do I need to do to display the desired record, the 
one that meets the logon criteria?  Again, the system is finding the 
recid of the 50th record, and it's not the right one.

Now I need the really simple answer....not the cool way that will 
impress my friends and neighbors.  I have played with Recid 
statements until I was blue in the face, without joy.

Will post code if requested.

Thanks in advance.


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