[FX.php List] New FX features: My $0.02US

Kevin Futter kfutter at sbc.melb.catholic.edu.au
Tue May 31 18:45:25 MDT 2005

Personally I rely heavily on the returned errorCode for debugging and
designing branching logic.

(BTW, I hope this gets through - most of my messages don't seem to at all. I
even once had a response to a message I posted that I never saw hit the
list. Do you not see your own messages or something?)


On 1/6/05 10:37 AM, "Chris Hansen" <chris at iViking.org> wrote:

> Interesting idea.  My biggest concern is that removing this top level
> of the array would also remove the 'errorCode' element, which I feel is
> pretty important.  Of course, an FX error object would still be
> returned in the event of an internal error, and perhaps I could set up
> the behavior of this function to return an FX error object if FileMaker
> returned an error.  I'd like some good feedback on this.  Personally,
> I'd feel more inclined to leave this level of the array, but in this
> case leave only 'data', 'errorCode', and 'foundCount'.  PHP parses the
> entire XML page no matter what, so this would mostly save a bit of
> memory, and reduce array complexity.  What do other list members think?
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Kevin Futter
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