[FX.php List] did Filemaker through PHP without FMServer come out?

L.M.Loeffel Lynn at turnkeydesign.net
Wed May 25 12:13:40 MDT 2005

Wait a second ... I just re-read what you (Chris) wrote and something 
clicked with me. Would this work? (this is in addition to my last 

When you said:
"FX.php does NOT need to be on the same machine as FileMaker, it just 
needs to be able to communicate with a machine running FileMaker."

If I host my client's sites at hosting company "A" ... can I then host 
their Filemaker database at hosting company "B" and server it all 
effectively as if it was drawing from one server smoothly?

If yes, that would mean I could buy hosting for say 4 databases for at 
company B for $60 and divide it between 4 clients and only need to 
charge them $15 to cover the costs ... rather than each of them paying 
$60 per month.

Is there a flaw to this idea? I have a few small clients who need the 
db, but just can't pay the $60+ per month additional for hosting.


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