[FX.php List] A problem with international Characters

Rob H. Christensen robhelleshoj at tiscali.dk
Mon May 16 12:46:22 MDT 2005


In an edit page I have a form containing many inputs. Naturally the text
inserted is in the users language: Danish, using characters like Æ, ø and å
(&aeling;, ø and å)

In the header of the page there is a tag:
"<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/hrml; charset=UTF-8">"
Which should cause the Danish characters to be seen correctly.

Still they end up like other characters (Ã - &Atilde;  ¥ - &yen;) in FMP and
from there  back into the browser.
The head part of the html page is in an include, which contains the html
head with the meta tag and the first part of the body.

The last part of the body with the "</body>" and the "</html>" tags are in
another include.

That way I am sure all my pages have this meta tag.

Is there another character set, which is able to get the correct characters
into FMP? The other way (out of FMP) normally is no problem.
Or is there a method to escape the characters in a rather large form (24+
complex inputs)?


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