[FX.php List] Getting Error 101 when using FMEdit()

Dave Strickler dstrickler at mailwise.com
Tue May 10 14:19:37 MDT 2005

I am attaching to a v5.5 Filemaker Unlimited (windows) workstation that
talks to a 5.x Filemaker server.
I have many databases that are loaded on the FMU workstation, and have
successfully queried them and updated them with fx.php. To speed up
development, and have written a wrapper class in PHP (that I am happy to
The problem is that I have a single database that works just in
Filemaker just fine (multi-user, etc), and I can FMFind() from it just
fine. It pulls the data out, and I can view it on the screen. However,
when I use the 'recid' field to update any record in this database, I
get a "101" error, indicating the "Record is missing". 
Now since I queried and found the record a few seconds ago, I know the
record is there, and I can repeat this sequence over and over.
Any ideas why other databases allow this, and yet this database won't
allow an update?
I have checked the privs (I am using the Web Server Privs) and the user
has all privs.
Dave Strickler
MailWise LLC
617 267-0044 x810 

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