[FX.php List] Records not being Updated after going from FM 6 to FMSA 7

Earl Cook ecook at lasersol.com
Tue Dec 20 10:14:17 MST 2005

My PHP code worked in FMP 6.0 but now records are not being updated in FMSA
7 on Mac OS X. 

I am finding the record and can return values from it, but no update of the
record is occurring. 'Admin' has full privileges. I created a new layout
with just the fields shown.



    include ("FX.php");

    $ip = "";
    $port = "80";
    $db = "members";
    $lay = "web_detail2";

    $queryfind = new FX($ip,$port);
    $queryfind->AddDBParam('memRecID', $_POST['memRecID']);
    $result = $queryfind->FMFind();
    $data = current($result['data']);
        $recID0 = explode ('.', key($result['data']));
        $recID = $recID0[0];

// When activated the following echo returns 1 record found, so the record
is being found.
// echo $result['foundCount'] . " Member records found.";

//This is where the update occurs

    $queryedit = new FX($ip,$port);
    $queryedit->AddDBParam('-recID', $recID);
    $queryedit->AddDBParam('memVal', $_POST['memVal']);
    $result = $queryedit->FMEdit();

// The following echo returns the correct memRecID for the found record, but
memVal for the record is not being updated.

    echo $data['memRecID'][0];


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