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Steve Hannah shannah at sfu.ca
Mon Dec 12 10:27:35 MST 2005

On 12-Dec-05, at 8:08 AM, Bob Patin wrote:

> Hi Andy,
> Thanks so much for your great answer; that was exactly what I was  
> wondering.
> So is there a general rule about which to use in different  
> situations? I just started working with PHP about a month ago, and  
> have used nothing but POST in the solutions I've done. Why did you  
> use REQUEST in your example? I assume you had a good reason... :)

The general rule of thumb is to use $_POST if the page is going to  
modify data, and $_GET if nothing will be modified.   Since $_REQUEST  
contains both $_GET and $_POST, it can be used in place of $_GET when  
you don't care about how the parameters are passed - but $_POST  
should still be used if data is going to be modified.

Hope this helps.

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