[FX.php List] SQL strings transformed to FX.php functions

Greg Dykema greg at dykema.net
Thu Dec 8 11:23:06 MST 2005

On Dec 7, 2005, at 11:27 AM, DC wrote:
> ...
> Build a transformation layer that would translate SQL statements  
> into a series of FX.php function calls and PHP array manipulations  
> to spit back the same format array that you would get if you were  
> talking directly to a SQL engine (probably modeled after MySQL).
> ...
> Does anyone have any thoughts on this? The ultimate goal is just to  
> be able to use any PHP framework on top of FMP without building new  
> databases in some SQL database. Basically, as a plugin to FX.php it  
> would make FMP a viable backend for any number of PHP projects.

Most interesting SQL queries are going to involve joins. The only way  
to efficiently implement a join in FileMaker is to use relationships,  
and to support arbitrary queries you'd need a way to define  
relationships on the fly, as well as build layouts using related  
fields on the fly. Doesn't sound practical even if it were possible.


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