[FX.php List] FileMaker 7/8 and PHP WITHOUT FX.php?

Andy Gaunt andy at fmpug.com
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Just a quick point - 


At FMPug we are now using our group directory data which is all in FileMaker
Pro 7 to populate tables in the FMForums MySQL database.


This way FMForums does not have to maintain a listing of user groups and can
use our data which is kept up to date by the coordinators.


We simply run a PHP script which updates the tables in the remote MySQL
database from our FileMaker Pro 7 Chapter tables.


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Hi Elleni,


You have received some great comments from lots of enthusiastic FX.PHP users
on this list. I can't add much to the benefits stated here, so I'd like to
take a step back and try and get to what this guy is really asking. It seems
to me that he really isn't understanding what FX.PHP does, which is parse
FMP's XML so you don't have to. It's a free, open-source, well-supported
tool. If your developers are using PHP to talk to mySQL, it should be pretty
darn easy to adapt those skills to FX.PHP. Maybe he's throwing up the
roadblock of not using FX.PHP to try and keep FMP out of his web world.


Well, if FMP where the data is, then that's where he should go get it for
the web, and FX.PHP is going to make that about as easy as you can imagine.
I have encountered this scenario from the other perspective on many
occasions: client's data is in MS SQLServer or mySQL, and that's where it is
going to stay. So I have to do my job and integrate that data source with my
FMP sources and put it all to the web.


That's all a long way of saying it sounds like he just doesn't want to do
it, and he doesn't want to learn what he needs to learn so he can do it.
Even if you can prove the viability of FX.PHP to him, I would expect more
roadblocks to be tossed up.


Good luck. We're in your corner!

Dale Bengston


On Dec 2, 2005, at 2:20 PM, Elleni B Fellows wrote:


Thanks for giving me more ammo for my argument! I would be interested in
looking at your presentation. Thanks. I am starting to think our web guy has
not really looked closely at the documentation for FXphp.


Adam Morris wrote: 

... The one nice part about this technique is that the FileMaker scripts are
more or less easy to write - they are basically simple export scripts. If
you want more information on this, I can send you a copy of a short
presentation I wrote for the Boston Area FileMaker Developers Group that
introduces this process.




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