[FX.php List] Startup problems

Jonathan Woodard woodardj at umich.edu
Thu Dec 1 06:43:55 MST 2005

So, I eventually found what the issue was.  My boss gave me access to  
the Lasso server administration tools (which I need now anyway, but  
didn't really know much about to begin with) and I found out that  
when Lasso was hitting the DB, it was using local loopback as the URL like I'd tried, but was running on some totally unexpected  
port (rather than 80, 443 or 591, all of which I tried.)  Set the  
port correctly, and all seemed to be golden... at least for now.  The  
assistance is appreciated, though, and the debugging tips will  
probably help out down the road, or help someone else out.  I  
followed up on my post in the forum by suggesting that perhaps the  
documentation could include a section of "common error messages" and  
as many possible causes as people could think of.  I'm also  
interested in some of the points you've both brought up, so I'm  
addressing them below.

What does turning off cURL gain in terms of usefulness?  What other  
methods of communication does FX have at it's disposal?

On Nov 30, 2005, at 12:24 AM, Dale Bengston wrote:

> I have found it useful to turn cURL off:
> $dataObject ->FMUseCURL ($useCURL = false);
> Also, do you have each database file set up with Extended Privilege  
> sets for keyword = fmxslt and keyword = fmxml (both full access)?
> -Dale

Does the FX object require a password on instantiation in some  
cases?  Or does it just need it passed before queries can be  
executed?  No, I know very little about Filemaker, which is why  
embarking on FX is kind of scary for me, since I have to rely on  
information from our SysAdmin on how the server is all set up and  

On Nov 30, 2005, at 6:50 PM, Michael Layne wrote:

> From my experience, that particular error is related to permissions/ 
> access.  Are you passing a password to the database?  Does the FM  
> client need one?
> Also, in order to use the CWP Engine, the database needs a special  
> Extended Privilege with a keyword of  'fmxml'.  And that privilege  
> needs to be on for the user accessing through CWP.  You may already  
> know all this, but that's what it sounds like to me.  Write back  
> any other info if that's not it or...
> HTH,
> Michael

Again, thank you both!

Jonathan Woodard
Web Software Developer
U of M School of Music

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