[FX.php List] Creating new portal record via form

Marisa Smith marisa at datasmithconsulting.net
Fri Aug 12 03:36:45 MDT 2005

I'm trying to add data to a portal using a form.  In order to do this, I
have put a form field on my page:

<input type="text" name="pledge_designations::agencyid.0" value="">

When I look at the URL passed in the request, a "_0" has been substituted
for the ".0" before the portal row number, which makes the request invalid:


Any idea why this is happening?

Here's the code I am using to perform the record edit:

    $mod_main = new FX($serverIP, $webCompanionPort, $dataServerType);
    $mod_main->SetDBData($_SESSION['db_filename'], $layout);
    //loop through POST vars and add them to the edit query
    foreach ($_POST as $key => $value)
I have tried printing out the $_POST variables before they are submitted and
the substitution appears to happen before they hit FX, but I cannot find
anything on Google to help me figure out why this is happening.

I am using FMSA7v3 and PhP 4.3.6 on OS 10.3
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